Alpha Sigma Delta Radio Society – W5TC

Amateur Radio at the University of Oklahoma


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President Jarod Manning
School of Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering
Vice-President Jorge Duarte Garcia W3JDG/HK3JDG School of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Faculty Advisor Kim Elmore N5OP Staff, Cooperative Institute for Mesoscale Meteorological Studies / Adjunct Faculty, College of Atmospheric and Geographic Sciences, School of Meteorology
W5TC Trustee Judson Ahern W5JA Emeritus, College of Earth and Energy, School of Geology & Geophysics
Repeater Trustee Mike Salem N5MS Attorney


Once, long ago, mighty herds of Sooner Hams roamed the airwaves of Central Oklahoma, radiating their wisdom far and wide. Now, a small band of airwave warriors seeks to unite the scattered amateur radio enthusiasts of OU and reclaim those glory days of old.

The club has existed in various incarnations since the 1920’s. It was initially  known as the Alpha Chapter of the Alpha Sigma Delta Radio Fraternity, later the OU Amateur Radio Club and, informally, as the “688 autopatch club”.  Most of that time, it has operated under the W5TC callsign. After a brief hiatus, the club reorganized over the summer of 1995 and is looking forward growth and glory in the years to come.  In 2019, the club changed it’s name to the Alpha Sigma Delta Radio Society to honor its early history.

The FCC has good overview of the amateur radio service.



If you are interested in the club, please contact us through one of the following media:

Smail: Alpha Sigma Delta Radio Society
c/o Kim Elmore
Rm 4709
120 David L Boren Blvd
Norman, OK 73072
Radio: See List!

Members may be added to the OUARC-L email list  by sending an email containing the words subscribe ouarc-l in the body to  Be sure that you send the subscribe request from the address at which you wish to receive the mail.  Alternatively, you may join the list by contacting the Please include your name and callsign (if you have one), and your email address.


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