Alpha Sigma Delta Radio Society – W5TC

Amateur Radio at the University of Oklahoma

Meeting Minutes 02.26.2013

Meeting started at 7:01 pm

12 attendees including our speaker,  Ken Brown N5KUK

General Business: 

Tuscani Pizza for dinner!

Addressing the email situation: sign in with/email Victoria

Outreach opportunities:

  • Cycling event March 9th and 10th
  • OKC Memorial Marathon

Need License? contact Carrey


  • Design: taking pre-orders
  • Using some for fundraisers
  • $10-15
  • Will be in before spring break

Ham Holiday Update – Carrey

  • CORA holds every year
  • Past month
  • Bricktown Hotel on Reno, OKC
  • Carrey toured the convention area
  • Green Fest possibilities

ARRL DX Contest

  • Carrey spoke briefly about details
  • Contact for more info

Weekly Net

  • Every two weeks vs. more than once a month?
  • Decided on Mondays at 7:30pm where those wanting to participate can come in on Mondays that best fit their schedule

W5TC Website:
Meeting Reminders will be sent out via email

  • Our next meeting will be March 26th
  • April Meeting: Cookout at Elmore’s
  • Will be moved to May 4th  (after confirmation from Elmore) right before OU Finals week

Next Testing session

  • March 7th @ 7 pm
  • NWC
  • Potential Upgrade testing session after Spring Break (after next meeting)


Ken Brown introduces D-STAR

Repeater at the NWC

  • Shout out to Jim McClellan and his contribution

Digital Smart Technology for Amateur Radio

  • Developed by the Japan Am. Radio League & Emergency Managers with emergency communications in mind
  • ICOM is currently only manufacturer
  • Built in GPS, voice synthesizer, built in call sign ‘caller ID’
  • Digital modulation GMSK-minimal shift keying
  • Half amount of space that a FM system does
  • 480 bits/sec
  • GPS data is encoded

Sends out a header with DSTAR message

  • Transmits before voice
  •  Your callsign
  • Other station’s callsign
  • Callsign of first & second repeater you’ll go through

Gateway computer, where magic begins

  • DV Dongle plugs into USB port on computer reports onto a Gateway and will connect to other reflectors
  • Future because of narrow bandwidth capabilities
  • Alabama has the highest US amount of use for emergency use

Able to link a lot of people quickly in a large net over a wide area via repeaters

  • Everybody hears everything
  • Able to set up your own intranet 120 kbits/sec of bandwidth

Oklahoma Norman W5TC Gateway

  • Linked practiced in meeting
  • How to unlink
  • How to echo what was said

You are able to check out radios through the club!



Victoria Ford


O*ARC Secretary

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