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Meeting Notes for Sat. Feb. 13th 2010

Hi all,

Here are the important notes from tonight’s meeting of the OUARC.

Budget for 2010/2011: We discussed what items should be included in the budget request for the upcoming year of OUARC. Suggestions included coaxial cable, rope, office supplies, SD memory cards and other supplies for a follow-up to this year’s planned high-altitude APRS balloon project, a battery charger, and a low-end laptop for the radio cabinet on the observation deck of the NWC. The budget will be compiled from these suggestions — any concerns or suggestions regarding the budget for the 2010/2011 academic year should be directed to our treasurer Robin Tanamachi.

APRS high-altitude balloon project: Options for temperature and moisture sensors on the high-altitude balloon were discussed. The idea to include a camera seems quite feasible, considering that an older camera that will support the needed firmware to support automated image capture can likely be obtained on e-bay for ~$20-$50. It was suggested that contacts at the NWC might be helpful in obtaining the actual weather balloon needed to lift the transmitter and instrument pack. Concerns or questions about the high-altitude balloon project should be directed to our “balloon officer”, Aaron Botnick.

Club Equipment: The club’s HF antenna for use with the NWC observation deck cabinet has not yet been hooked up; the club repeater situation has not changed since our last meeting.

Leadership / Officers: The position of OUARC Secretary has recently been vacated — if any student member is interested in joining the club leadership and filling this position for the remainder of the 2009-2010 schoolyear, a special election can be held at the next meeting. The main duties of the secretary include attending club meetings, taking down notes/minutes, and relaying those minutes to the club via the OUARC listserv, in a format similar to the notes you are now reading. Anyone interested in the secretary position should contact our president Zac.

Next meeting: The next meeting of the OUARC is tentatively scheduled for Saturday Mar. 6th. Zac will e-mail additional details to the list regarding time and location at a later time.

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