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UOSA budget – wish lists?

Hi guys –

Within about 30 seconds of my sending out that agenda, I got notification from UOSA that their budget process for 2009-2010 is now open. This is our chance to apply for university money to fund our activities!

What Somer and I need is your “wish list” for the club; i.e. suggestions for items/club activities for which we can request funding from UOSA. Last year, we were able to get a Buddipole antenna and the radio cabinet that is now located in the NWC. We can also apply for funding for club activities such as workshops and contesting events.

As many of you know, we are in the process of trying to raise funds for a new Icom HF rig. Do we wish to apply for UOSA funds to get a new rig or do we want to continue to try to raise the money ourselves? There are pros and cons to both choices; we can discuss the particulars at Thursday’s meeting. I’ve added this item to the agenda.

The UOSA budget is due Feb. 26th so Somer and I need to hear your ideas *before* then.


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