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Amateur Radio at the University of Oklahoma

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Alpha Sigma Delta Radio Society (W5TC)

The Alpha Sigma Delta Radio Society (W5TC) is a registered student organization of the University of Oklahoma. Our ARRL-affiliated club has existed since the 1920’s.  We are not connected with any school or college within the University of Oklahoma, but are housed with the School of Meteorology. Our club repeater is W5TC, a D-STAR repeater on 444.750 MHz (+5.00 MHz), located at the National Weather Center.  We also have a high frequency station that we share with the National Weather Center Amateur Radio Club (WX5NWC) on the research campus of the University. We participate in numerous contests (including ARRL Field Day and ARRL School Club Roundup) and volunteer events throughout the year.

If you’re a ham on campus, or just interested in amateur radio, we’d love to have you on board! Our membership dues are $15 per year and give members the chance to network with fellow amateur operators, become more knowledgeable, and gain hands on experience with modern radio equipment used to converse throughout the world. Thanks for your interest!


The Alpha Sigma Delta Radio Society exists to promote and support Amateur Radio at the University of Oklahoma. Our specific objectives are:

  • To educate members and the public regarding the uses and responsibilities of Amateur Radio;
  • To provide members with support for their technical, educational, experimental, and other Amateur Radio activities; and
  • To serve the community however possible in times of need.

Meetings and Events

Meetings are held monthly as announced by the club president. Check back soon for information on our first meeting of the fall 2023 semester!

We need yOU!

Our club has existed for Sooner hams for over a hundred years! After an extended hiatus, we are hoping to come back on the air better than ever. We are in need of a treasurer, secretary, and your ideas! Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you’re interested in being involved! Email Jon at


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