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Field Day thank you

Thanks to everyone who came out to Field Day in Reaves Park! We worked through the night and helped W5NOR make over 600 QSOs. I have uploaded a photo album here:
Jerrod in particular put in a Herculean effort organizing Field Day and aggregating the necessary equipment. Thanks Jerrod!

On a side note… This will likely be my final message to the club as president of OUARC. As of tomorrow, July 1st, Zac Flamig (KE5KJA) will be the prez, and I will be the treasurer. It has been my privilege and honor to serve this club as president for the past three years. If I have not already said it to you personally, thank you *so* much! This club could not have come back from the brink of nonexistence without the extraordinary effort and dedication of its members. I look forward watching OUARC continue to prosper in the future!


Robin Tanamachi, WX0RT

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