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Its that time of the year again!

Hi All,

The start of the fall semester means the start of a year school year for OUARC! Hopefully everyones classes are going well so far!

First order of business is reregistering the club with Student Life. In years past this has been done via paper but the process is all electronic this year. What this means is that* if you are a current OU student please email me your student ID*! We are required to list the ID numbers of at least 10 members on the form to be able to reregister as a club.

Secondly, we should probably start thinking about having meetings and when we want to have them. At the end of last semester we started having meetings on Saturdays because it was better for the membership of the club. Hopefully a few weeks in everyone has a feeling for what their schedule is like and when they have a bit of free time. If you could please send me an email with days of the week and times that will generally work for you and also any days and times that will definitely not work.

73, Zac

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