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  • 146.8800 MHz / W5OU – Located on the top of the Physical Sciences Center, Elm at Boyd. This repeater has been made available to the club by its trustee, Mike, N5MS, an OU alumnus. No access tone required. This repeater has been in service at its present location since 1982.  Gordon, W5OU, has been a member and supporter of the club since the 1960s.
  • 443.8250 MHz / N5MS – Same location as above and also made available by N5MS. This is a DMR repeater and gateway. It is networked to other DMR systems world-wide. DMR systems have two 6.25-kHz voice channels in a 12.5 kHz wide channel made possible by TDMA. Time Slot 1 is on the North America talkgroup while Time Slot 2 is available for local and regional communications.  DMR Live Monitor.  SCARS has an excellent overview of DMR in Oklahoma.  This is not an analog repeater and requires the use of DMR-capable equipment.
  • 444.7500 MHz / W5TC – Located on the National Weather Center, Jenkins and SH9. The club operates a D-STAR repeater and gateway. The repeater is used by the National Weather Service Forecast Office in Norman to communicate with distant stations, particularly in the Northwest of Oklahoma. This use has priority. Registered D-STAR users may connect to any DPLUS reflector or use the system to connect to another D-STAR station or repeater. Latest users. D-STAR registration. D-STAR Live Monitor (via ircDDB). This is not an analog repeater and requires the use of D-STAR-capable equipment.
The South Canadian Amateur Radio Society operates two repeaters with good coverage across Norman. See the SCARS Repeater Blog for more details.


The club shares a station with the National Weather Center Amateur Radio Club.  Equipment includes an Icom IC-718 HF transceiver.


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